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Historical Building Translocation& Structure Relocation

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  • building relocation

    With over 30 years experience we are particularly proud of our ability and track record in the relocation of historic buildings, structures & machinery. Brick by brick dismantling and reconstruction is our forte.

    We understand the importance of careful dismantling, recording and reconstruction of historical buildings, as well as the processes involved in their restoration.

    Recording and cataloging each individual brick, piece of stone, window, door and all other physical features, preserves the accuracy and historical merit of the structure.

  • building relocation

    Reasons for translocating your structure

    There are several reasons why a structure might require translocating. One obvious example is urban regeneration, where the local developments and infrastructure require buildings to be removed which should not be demolished. Another example is when the ground stability or landscape of an area is changing, causing damage or risk of collapse to a building of historic importance. Relocation of interesting builds can also maximise economic development in sensitive areas.

  • building relocation

    Your Building

    Our relocation techniques involve extensive photography & detailed recording & surveying, to ensure that buildings can be replicated identically in their new locations.

    In consultation with you we can, if necessary, enable the building to be greatly improved in areas such as structural integrity and building control regulations. Where modern systems are required, for example fire alarms, great care is taken to minimise visual impact.

    Recording and cataloguing each individual brick, piece of stone, window, door and all other physical features, preserves the accuracy and historical merit of the structure. Where damage or erosion has taken place, suitable reclaimed or matching parts are sourced. Stone work can also be matched or cut from new.

    Using current building Control Regulations the building may need steel or concrete supports, however, we would aim to minimise visual impact by incorporating these within the structure of the building.

    Thermal or insulation products may also be used during reconstruction. This measure will ensure great reductions in the future running costs associated with heating, lighting and other utilities.

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What our clients say

  • Can I on behalf of the Black Country Museum pass on our thanks to you and your team for at short notice successfully carrying out the removal of large and heavy collection objects from Hall 1 at the Museum.

    The help and assistance from Jim and Oliver throughout the project was invaluable particularly given some of the technical and logistical challenges we occurred.

    Again please thanks all your team involved.

    Ray Disney - Maintenance Manager Historic Building & Site Conservation Black Country Living Museum
  • Holland Contracting worked for me for many years on the recording, dismantling and reconstruction of historical buildings being saved for the Black Country Living Museum.

    In 2009 they were our first choice to manage the time critical rescue of Birmingham Road Buildings, including Hobbs Fish & Chip Shop and the adjoining gentleman's outfitters known as Morrall’s.

    Holland Contracting always carried out excellent work, often within very tight financial time and quality restraints.

    Ian N Walden - OBE BSc FMA Black Country Living Museum
  • Over the past few years Holland Contracting have carried out various works both off site and on site at the Museum. They have undertaken these tasks with enthusiasm and diligence and the Black Country Museum thank you for your achievements in completing these construction projects.

    Mr S.J. Owens ­— Construction Manager Black Country Living Museum
  • We were so impressed with the manner in which you and your team worked here at Elmfield.

    We would describe you as accommodating and polite builders. Nothing was too much trouble.

    Lesley Taberner Elmfield Rudolph Steiner School, Stourbridge