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Coventry Cross Monument Coventry


We were successful in being awarded with the careful dismantling of the Coventry Cross Monument in January 2019. The monument was located adjacent to and very close to Coventry cathedral.

A design process was established to create lifting frames and cradles by Holland Contracting and Conservation. Our design team created a dismantling plan which was accepted by Coventry City Council.

There were well over 100 component parts to the Monument which were closely inspected before and during the dismantling process. Each part were recorded and any defects were logged.

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    Historical Building Translocation& Structure Relocation

    Buildings of historical interest often come under threat from encroaching societal pressures, sometimes caused by urban regeneration, sometimes simpler commercial pressures. In these instances, translocating the building to a new site may be an ideal solution, saving the structure and affording the opportunity to restore a building to its former glory.

    Recording and cataloguing each individual brick, piece of stone, window, door and all other physical features, preserves the accuracy and historical merit of the structure.

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    Specialist Building, Restoration & Construction

    Specialist building, restoration and construction is our forte. We have an immense amount of pride in preserving a building's history, yet we understand the demands of modern living.

    We have had the pleasure of working on many distinguished and unique projects.

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